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I’ve been a part of this industry tattooing for over 12 years and along the way multiple products have come and gone to simulate skin for both practice and cool display art. Well in that time I have finally found one product that tattoos with ease and most closely simulates working on a real human. The work Jess Cavazos is doing is second to none in the synthetic skin market and his unique applications of using the sphinx cat and other designs he’s sculpting up not only make this an invaluable tool but super fun to work on!Josh Payne
As an apprentice, working on inkenstein has been a fun and easy way to practice new techniques. It’s smooth texture takes ink extremely well and can’t wait to work on it some more!Aleah Lauren
I saw a fellow artist tattooing a Sphynx from Jess, and right there I knew I had to have one. I’ve tattooed on a few other fake skin/practice skin pieces before, hands, feet, etc. But the cat looked so real and had so much potential to do super fun tattoos on. When I received my Sphynx, I planned out a few things to tattoo on it, and so far I’ve had a blast doing it. The skin tattoos so well, and cleanly. After posting a few pictures of the cast on my instagram I even got a few threats that animal control should be called, because it looks so real. Seriously if you want a great piece to practice out develop your skills on, maybe just make some great artwork, or have a conversation starter in your shop. Look into getting one of these piecesJerred Kincaid

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